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Yoga pose- Mountain Pose Yoga (Tadasana) – Steps and Benefits of Mountain Pose

What is Mountain Pose Yoga (Tadasana) & Benefits of Mountain Pose?

steps and benefits of mountain pose yoga

In today’s fast-paced environment, ‘self-care’ has become one of the most powerful practices for the mind as well as the body. Yoga has been one of the essential methods of ancient Indian tradition as a source of vitality and fulfillment. The practice of Yoga connects health practice through breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation. Health benefits of Mountain pose Yoga include stress relief, weight-loss, improved immunity, and metabolism, besides increased flexibility and better posture. In this article, you will know about all the benefits of Mountain pose, precautions and steps of Mountain Pose Yoga.


Benefits of Mountain Pose (Tadasana):

Mountain pose is also called tadasana in sanskrit and there are many benefits of Mountain Pose that you should know.

Benefits of Mountain Pose are – 

• Balances sedentary work life

• Strengthens the spine

• Improves concentration

• Firms abdomen and hip

• Relieves sciatica

• Relaxes the muscle and gets rid of aches in joints

• Helps to relieve stress

• Improves posture and body alignment

• Strengthens your ankles.

• Reduces flat feet condition


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Steps of Mountain Pose Yoga:

After knowing about benefits of Mountain pose may be you will be looking for step by step guide about how to do mountain pose yoga. Just follow these simple steps to do Tadasana perfectly.

a) Stand on the mat, with the spine straight and your toes touching each other while your heels are slightly apart.

b) Slowly lift your toes only till you can balance your body.

c) Relax, bring the toes back in normal position on the mat.

d) Next, keep your feet hip-distance apart and start engaging your kneecaps and quadriceps muscles, gradually moving up as you engage your core.

e) Hold your arms parallelly on either side of your body in a comfortable position

f) You may extend your arms for a more balanced posture.

g) Lift your sternum (central chest bone) slightly upwards and draw your navel while you maintain support to your belly.

h) Widen your collar bones so that they are at ease, but do not move your body forward when you do this.

i) Continue to stay in the position while you take 5 to 10 breathes (30 seconds to a minute) and breathe easily, focusing on your body’s energy.


Modifications of Tadasana (Mountain Pose):

• You could make it easier initially, if you take the support of a wall for your back.

• If standing is a problem for you- try practicing the Mountain Pose while sitting, following the instructions for the upper body while you maintain the feet firmly grounded on the floor.


Precautions while performing Mountain Pose Yoga:

If you already know about the benefits of mountain pose then you should also follow these precautions while performing Mountain pose yoga.

• Try not holding this position for too long as a beginner until you learn to balance.

• Avoid attempting the asana if you experience a headache- this may lead to aggravated pain.

• Do not pursue this asana if you suffer from low blood pressure issues.

• Since this asana puts pressure on the knees and the ankle joints, people with leg injuries should avoid practicing it.



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