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Yoga pose- Eagle Pose Yoga (Garudasana) – Steps and Benefits of Eagle Pose Yoga

What is the Eagle Pose Yoga (Garudasana) & Benefits of Eagle pose?

Eagle pose yoga and benefits of Eagle pose

Garuda- the mythological term which translates to the Eagle, also known as the “king of the birds,” the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. You will know about benefits of Eagle Pose and steps of Eagle Pose yoga in this article.


Benefits Of Eagle Pose (Garudasana):

Eagle pose is also known as Garudasana and there are lots of benefits of eagle pose that you should know.

Benefits of Eagle Pose are – 

• Increases blood circulation to joints

• Promotes Improved digestion

• Improves the correct body balancing and alignment

• Ensures enhanced concentration and focus when practiced regularly.

• Eases the muscles of your joints, arms, legs, and hips.

• Excellent for individuals with back pain, Asthma, and Sciatica.


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Steps Of Eagle Pose Yoga:

After knowing about all the benefits of eagle pose yoga you would excitingly like to learn about what are the steps of eagle pose and how to do eagle pose perfectly. Just follow these steps to do Eagle Pose perfectly –

a) Stand straight on the mat with your spine erect. Try and focus on a center point at your eye level.

b) Next, slowly bend your knees and lift your right foot and cross it over your left leg and hoop it behind your left calf.

c) Now, lift both your arms and hold them at chest level parallel to the ground.

d) Take your right arm and wrap it up with the left elbow, slowly wrapping your wrists till your palms are in the Namaste position.

e) Then, lower your body slightly, bringing it towards the ground. Feel the stretch in your body

f) Continue to inhale and hold on to this position for a few seconds (15-30 seconds).

g) Make sure to keep your back straight and aligned. Focus on the center point at eye level.

h) Unwrap this position as you exhale and come back to your original standing position.

i) After this, you may try and repeat for the same length of time with the arms and legs reversed. It is good to practice three repetitions of this asana on either side.


Modification of Garudasana (Eagle Pose):

• If you are new to yoga, you could make the practice easier by using a wall for support until you learn and perfect the technique.


Precautions of Eagle Pose:

If you are performing Eagle Pose Yoga and know about all the benefits of eagle pose then you should also keep remember these precautions of Eagle pose.

• For you to be able to maintain the correct posture, it is advisable to practice this asana with a trained yoga instructor

• If you feel any dizziness while practicing the asana, please stop immediately. It could either mean you may have an ear infection or low blood pressure.

• It is advisable to avoid doing this during pregnancy.

• You may warm-up and prepare your body before practicing the asana to help get your attention focused on achieving a more stable balance.

• It is advisable not to practice the asana if you have a knee injury- either a knee sprain, anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL injury), or posterior cruciate ligament injury (PCL injury).

• Avoid this asana if you are facing conditions like low blood pressure, migraine, or inner ear concerns.

• The practice of this asana essentially needs the development of your strength, flexibility, endurance, and unwavering concentration.



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