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Yoga Pose- Child’s pose Yoga (Shishuasana) – Steps And Benefits Of Child’s Pose Yoga

What is Child’s pose (Shishuasana) & Benefits of Child’s Pose?

What is Child's Pose Yoga and Benefits of Child's pose

Shishuasana, also known as Balasana, is a very popular and common beginner’s yoga pose – often used as a resting position in between the more complicated poses during a yoga practice. The word “Balasana” comes from the Sanskrit words “Bala” (meaning “child”) and “asana” (meaning “pose”). You will learn about benefits of Child’s pose yoga and all the steps of child’s pose in this article.


Benefits of Child’s Pose (Shishuasana)

Child’s pose is a very popular and common yoga pose and there are many benefits of child’s pose are also available.

Benefits of Child’s Pose are – 

• The pose essentially is helpful to stretch the thighs, hips, and ankles and simultaneously reduces stress and fatigue.

• Helps to relax the muscles on the front of the body while also stretching the muscles of the back.

• It is a great stress reliever as it calms and soothes the brain.

• Practicing this pose helps to relieve neck and back pain when performed with the head and torso support.

• Helps to improve the overall body balance.


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Steps Of Child’s Pose Yoga:

After the benefits of Child’s Yoga, maybe you would like to know about the steps of child’s yoga pose. So, Just follow these simple steps to do Child’s pose yoga perfectly.

• To begin this asana, sit on your heels with your back straight and your palms on your knees.

• Slowly then, bring your palms forward on the mat and lift your hips moving forward and build a table like/ downward dog pose. Try and become aware of your breathing and slow down your thoughts as you go along.

• Next, exhale and lower your hips and rest them on your heels of the feet– make sure you continue to keep your heels together while you are in this pose.

• Slowly bring your arms forward, resting them on the mat while gently resting your forehead on the mat between your arms.

• There are multiple options for the arm movement- you may either stretch your arms in front of you while the palms move toward the floor or bring your arms back alongside your thighs with the palms facing upwards.

• Continue to inhale and exhale while you are in this pose and stay as long as you like.


Modifications Of Child’s Yoga:

• When you are a beginner, you may feel comfortable in keeping your knees together instead of separating them. You may also curl your toes under if you find it easier and less painful or place a rolled towel under your shins to take the stress off of your ankles.

• If you want this yoga asana to be slightly more comfortable to practice, you may place a yoga blanket or a towel underneath the knees for padding and added support.


Precautions Of Child’s Yoga Pose:

If you know the benefits of Child’s pose then below are the precautions of Child’s Yoga pose that you should keep in your mind.

• Avoid this pose if you have any stomach ailments or Diarrhoea.

• Women who are in their pregnancy should avoid this pose as it puts pressure on the stomach.

• You may avoid the pose if you have suffered from knee injury unless you have the supervision of an experienced teacher.



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