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Aims and objectives:

The primary objective of this website is to provide reliable information about all aspects of health backed by researches and years of medical experience. Another important objective of our endeavor is to make this medical information come to life in the simplest form so that it becomes as receptive as possible for variety of people belonging to different social, regional economic and academic background. People who understands and speak different languages are specially been taken care of by making the information available in different languages. This way we intend to make health available to each and everyone of us. We also intend to make health information being accessible for people at the right time and circumstances so that it can benefit them when required the most.


We have put painstaking efforts to bring out the content from reliable sources, research papers, well established health publishers and people with years of experience and practice to make it authentic and approachable for people. However, we do not intend to replace medical advice given by a doctor or an expert who goes through a well established systematic protocol of patient assessment with clinical history, physical examination and tests including follow ups. This effort is to make health information easily available for people when they need it to understand their health problems and treatment or preventive options available for them. We intend to sensitize and help people to take care of their health and urge them to consult a qualified doctor or an expert for their specific conditions.