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Nightfall – Causes & Symptoms of Nightfall

What is nightfall & What are the symptoms of Nightfall?

Nightfall is an involuntary release of semen from the penis during sleep. It usually follows erotic dreams and is thus called wet dreams. Nightfall may or may not lead to an orgasm in you. In this article you will know about Causes of Nightfall and everything about symptoms of Nightfall.

Nightfall may also occur in females, and may lead to vaginal wetness, or sexual pleasure, or both. However, it is more known in males due to the discharge of semen in the undergarments.

In many parts of the world, including India, it is considered as a taboo associated with vague problems. Many people complain of generalized weakness and dullness after an episode of nightfall. For this reason, it is also called Swapnadosh (‘Swapan’-dream and ‘dosh’- fault; in Hindi) or Dhat syndrome.

Dhat word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘’dhatu’’, meaning metal referring to it as ‘’elixir that constitutes the body.’

There are many other names to nightfall, such as sleep orgasm, nocturnal emission (medical term), etc.

How can one identify nightfall in males and females?

Nightfall or wet dreams are common in both; however, it is more identifiable in males due to the ejaculation of semen into the underpants.


Signs of a wet dream:

• Presence of semen in the undergarments in males: It is the most trustworthy sign of a nightfall. You identify it by noticing the presence of a semi-thick sticky liquid in your undergarmentsor bedding.

• Vaginal lubrication in females: Women may experience a similar discharge similar to lubricant released during orgasm.

• Orgasm: you may feel the contractions of orgasm during sleep, which may cause you to wake up.


Associated signs and symptoms of Nightfall:

Some people might complain about other issues associated with it, especially in culture-bound societies such as India and many parts of Asia. The males tend to complain of vague symptoms of nightfall, which they associate with the loss of semen from their bodies. The presence of these complaints associated with nightfall comprises of Dhat syndrome. The symptoms of nightfall are as follows:

Generalized weakness and pale skin.


Muscle cramps

Tiredness and the feeling of Laziness

Mood Swings

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What causes nightfall?

The exact cause of nightfall is not known. However, it is considered to be more common in people who lack sexual activity or who indulge more in pornography. Studies show an increased occurrence of nightfall with higher levels of testosterone.

When you hit puberty, your body gets flooded with sexual hormones. There is a high level of testosterone in the body that stimulates your sexual development.

The body regularly generates semen after hitting puberty to maintain the sexual function. When there is no outlet for the excess semento come out, you may ejaculate unintentionally during sleep. The condition typically follows a sexual dream or fantasy and can be found more commonly after watching pornographic content or having string sexual thoughts.

Some of the commonly associated features are mentioned below.

• Excess semen production: due to hormonal stimulation

• Avoiding Sexual Contact: avoiding sexual activities like masturbation or intercourse for long allows the storage of the excess semen.

• Thin consistency: seminal fluid can sometimes become thin inconsistency, which makes it easier to flow out of the body with an unwanted orgasm.

• Weakening of seminal vesicleor spasm: such issues of seminal vesicles which stores the semen may lead to ejaculation of the semen.

• Consuming a diet that encourages the production of semen: diet can also lead to excess semen formation, which is then expelled during nightfall.

• Watching pornographic material: Excess exposure to pornographic content can leave one thinking about it for a long time. The arousal can happen during sleep when one has erotic dreams leading to nightfall.

• Excess stress and anxiety: can also lead to nightfall.

• Physical inactivity: or lack of exercise and movement can be considered a cause.

• Inflammation or any sort of congestion in the prostate gland: can also lead to involuntary ejaculation.

• Men who consume testosterone supplements: these men can also face excess semen production, which can cause nightfall.

• Weak pelvic muscles: weak muscles in the genital area can also be a cause.

• Sleeping with a full bladder: can also lead to excessive pressure on the genitals and lead to a nightfall.

Consumption of drugs: medicines like sedatives, anti-depressants, or tranquilizers can induce nightfall leading to seminal fluid excretion.

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When is the right time to approach a doctor?

Most of the doctors suggest there is nothing to worry about nightfall. It is common in males and typically doesn’t need any medical attention. Some people often get sacred due to misinformation about this condition.


• Although it might not happen on a very regular interval for a long time, some people face nightfall as many as 3 times or more during a week, and it can last from a few months to years.

• This can cause a feeling of tiredness and weakness in the body.

If one faces this issue repeatedly on a regular basis, then it is highly advisable to consult a doctor who specializes in such cases without further ado.

How can nocturnal emissions be diagnosed?

As discussed earlier, since this is not a disease, there is not a lot a person can do to diagnose this condition.

No help: It is mostly not caused due to any physical problem. A scan such as an X-Ray, CT scan, or an MRI cannot necessarily find the existence of this condition.

What are the treatments for nightfall?

Since the relevance of the research in this field is limited and the fact that this is less often considered as a medical problem, most of the time, the home remedies are considered to be practiced to avoid the conditions.

Medical treatments can be related to the following aspect.


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