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Nightfall Treatment – Home Remedies for Nightfall

What are the treatments for nightfall?

Since the relevance of the research in this field is limited and the fact that this is less often considered as a medical problem, most of the time, the home remedies are considered to be practiced to avoid the conditions.

Medical Nightfall treatments can be related to the following aspect.

Dietary control for Nightfall Treatment:

• Maintaining a stringent dietary control is considered to assist in reducing the onset of excess excretion of seminal fluid due to nightfall.

Avoiding spicy food can also be suggested sometimes as a part of the dietary control.

Eat foods that help cool down the body like curd, milk, bananas etc for Nightfall treatment.

Seminal Fluid Thickness: When the problem is occurring due to the low viscosity of the seminal fluid, making it less thick and smoothly flowing, medications can be consumed to maintain the thickness of the seminal fluid, thus helping reduce nightfall.

Kidney function: In case when the root of the problem is weak kidneys and muscles, they need to be toned up by suggested physical exercise, activities, or with the possible use of medication.

Excess semen production: Increased production of semen is a significant cause of nocturnal emission, and hence consuming oligoseminic drugs to reduce sperm production can be a potential treatment.

Avoid testosterone medicine: as they can cause excess secretion of semen.


While there are many myths surrounding nightfall, one should understand that these occur due to misconceptions and the passage of wrong information without the proper knowledge.

Always consider consulting a doctor or a registered sexologist if the problem seems to be regular.

Believing myths related to sexual dysfunction caused by nightfall can cause psychological issues, further deteriorating the condition causing one to need anti-depression medicines as well for nightfall treatment.

Break the silence, the whispers, and the negative attitude related to this common condition called nightfall, dhat syndrome, or Swapnadosh and help people suffering from this condition receive the nightfall treatment, knowledge, and care they need to prevent it from affecting their mental stability, sexual performance,0 and courage.

Are there any home remedies for nightfall?

Like the misconceptions that are prevalent in the Indian society regarding this condition, there are many suggested remedies as well that can potentially help with the condition of nightfall.

Although there might not be a lot of proof regarding the remedies, improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet with reduced anxiety and stress can go a long way in decreasing nocturnal emissions.

Some of the home remedies, which also consist of dietary recommendations, are mentioned below.


Dietary recommendations for nightfall treatment:

1. Curd: Consume 2 to 3 servings of curd each day. It helps cool the body and can have a positive effect in stopping nightfall.

2. Bottle Gourd:

• Consuming bottle gourd juice before sleeping is sometimes suggested as it has similar cooling properties to curd.

Ripe bottle gourd leaves can also be consumed, considering that it might help relieve insomnia.

3. Gooseberry: or amla, as it is called in India, is a significant source of anti-oxidants and helps improve immunity. Consuming it regularly is also a suggested remedy for nightfall.

National Health Portal of India recommended home remedies for nocturnal emissions:

4. Coriander:

• Usually used for its benefits for jaundice, coriander is also considered a remedy for nocturnal emission due to improved blood circulation.

• Consume 1-part coriander with 1-part sugar in the form of dry powder.

5. Fenugreek or methi: is also a suggested remedy and can be consumed with equal parts of honey to avoid bitterness, before sleep to prevent nightfall.

6. Purslane: known as Lunia in Hindi, is also a dietary remedy to be consumed dry.


Home activities for Nightfall Treatment:

1. Yoga: Performing yoga and exercises to maintain physical fitness can help control the secretion of excess seminal fluid.

nightfall treatment with yoga

2. Meditation:

nightfall treatment with meditation

• Nightfall is accompanied by other mental dysfunctions that can be avoided with meditation.

• Meditation helps relax the mind and divert it from any sexual thoughts, thereby providing relief.

3. Ayurveda: According to Ayurveda, nightfall occurs due to stress and anxiety from the current hectic lifestyle. As a result, it can be tackled with massages or ayurvedic medicines.


4. Avoid Pornographic material:

• Porn can cause stimulations and arousals. This thought can last for a long time and often surface while sleeping, causing nightfall.

• It is best to avoid excess exposure to pornography, and one can also avoid talking about sexual activities to prevent unwanted arousal.

5. Bath: Taking a shower before sleep with aroma oil can soothe and relax the mind and body, thus helping prevent nightfall.

6. Masturbation:

• It can reduce the stored amount of semen and can help avoid nightfall.

• Consider avoiding this on a regular basis as excess masturbation is not suitable for the body.

7. Maintain regular sexual activity: or sexual exercise with your partner as this will help relieve the stress by secretion of excess semen and may prevent the condition of nightfall.

Above mentioned physical activities as part of home remedies can also help but consult a doctor before performing them.


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