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HRCT Chest Indications, Technique and Advantages over MDCT

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What is HRCT ?

It stands for high resolution computed tomography. It is type of CT scan where very thin slices of the lungs are studied and acquired by the machine by using specific techniques for obtaining a better image resolution. In this article, you will get to know about HRCT chest indications, HRCT techniques, Advantages and disadvantages over MDCT. I know one of the main part for all of you is HRCT chest indications that I will cover just after the HRCT techniques. So read till the end.

HRCT chest indications and HRCT advantages and disadvantages

HRCT Technique –

• The imaging of the lung is done with such excellent spatial resolution that it provides anatomical details similar to those available from gross pathological specimens and paper mounted lung slices.

• There is use of thin collimation axial scans or thin section reconstruction of volumetric data is obtained using CT and narrow detector width of 0.5-1.25mm and the image reconstruction is done with high spatial frequency (sharp) algorithm. So, don’t forget to learn about HRCT chest indications.

• kVp used generally is 120 and 80-100 in children

• mA is less than 250

• Scan/ rotation time is as short as possible (0.3-.05 seconds ).

• Position: supine/ prone are done in suspected cases of interstitial lung disease, normal chest X-ray and for nodules and dependent densities, Expiratory imaging is done in patients with obstructive disease.

HRCT Chest Indications:

• When the HRCT chest indications or xray appears normal however, the patient has complains or when pulmonary function tests suggestive of diffuse lung disease.

• When symptoms or the x-ray findings are non-specific

• To assess activity of disease.

• Marking site of biopsy

• Follow up cases after and during treatment to see progression of the disease is important to HRCT chest indications.

Some conditions

• Industrial lung disease

• Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

• Connective tissue disease (rheumatoid lung, scleroderma etc)

• Radiation-induced lung disease

• Diffuse metastatic disease (haematogenous, lymphangitis)

• Sarcoidosis

• Bronchio-alveolar carcinoma

• Mycobacterial infection (tuberculosis, non-tuberculous atypical)

• Infections in immunosuppressed patients

• Hypersensitivity pneumonitides

• Interstitial pneumonitis

• Histiocytosis X

• Lymphangiomyomatosis

• Cryptogenic organising pneumonia (COP)

• Bronchiolitis obliterans organising pneumonia (BOOP)

• Emphysema v/s bulbe

• Bronchiectasis, helps in understanding different types.

know more…

HRCT Advantages over MDCT

Well, after the knowledge of HRCT chest indications, you should know about HRCT advantages over MDCT:

• Better detailed study

• Helps in multiplanar reconstruction .

• Expiration images may assist in identifying air-trapping in patients with lung disease.

• Avoids use to contrast

HRCT Disadvantage

• High radiation to the patient


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