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Footwear related problems (Treatment)

What are other forms of treatment against footwear related conditions?

While most of the home remedies can be applied by oneself, depending upon the results from the diagnosis, doctors might suggest a similar alternative in case the condition isn’t severe.


Doctors might suggest:

• The use of properly shaped and sized footwear

• Use of foot inserts or insoles

• Cleaning and maintaining feet hygiene

Conditions like blisters, shoe bites, and athlete’s foot might just require cleanliness and the use of certain ointments to heal.

When these remedies tend not to be showing positive results, there might be other methods that may be performed by the doctor.



Pain Killers: doctors might suggest prescription pills that help control and reduce pain during any of these conditions.

Cortisone Injections: these are injections that help relieve pain and inflammation in a specific area of the body. They are aimed at joints in conditions like bunions or under the heel in cases of heel spur.



Surgery usually a last resort and is used by the doctor when the condition is unbearable.

• It is extensively applied for corrective measures in deformation cases like bunions, claw toes, or hammertoes.

• When one is suffering from a heel spur, surgery might be needed to remove the excess deposit.

Corns and calluses can also be removed with surgery after trimming the edges or the top layer.

Severe cases of ingrown toenails which get infected might also require surgery to remove the toenail.


These problems might not seem very severe. However, these conditions are faced by a lot of people in the world,and some might not need proper medical treatment, but they do have to deal with the discomfort on a daily basis.

No matter whether the onset of these conditions are genetic or footwear related, improper footwear will surely aggravate the condition, and it can simply be prevented by paying some attention while choosing the footwear.

Let your feet relax, maintain clean feet and footwear,and you might not have to deal with any of the footwear related issues.

Are there any home remedies for these conditions?

Unless the conditions are severe, they can be managed by home remedies and proper care.


Wide Footwear

Choose footwear that has a wide and high toe box, as they provide relief to the toes and can help with conditions like bunions, claw toes, hammertoes,or ingrown toenails.

It will also prevent conditions like shoe bites, blisters, corns, and calluses.


Use inserts

Foot inserts can help manage weight distribution and lower the pressure on the feet. Metatarsal pads and splits can also be used to limit the needs for extra depth shoes.


Keep your footwear clean

Maintain a regular cleaning cycle for your footwear. Shoes can cause excessive sweating, and unclean footwear can increase the risk of athlete’s foot.


Maintain feet hygiene

Keep your feet clean. Wash them with soap and scrubbing them once in a while to prevent corns or calluses by reducing dead skin accumulation.

Keeping them clean, dry and moisturized will also reduce the chances of fungal infections like athlete’s foot.



Providing relief to the feet muscles and avoiding anything that increases pressure can provide immediate relaxation in case of conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spur, hammer and claw toes.

Not wearing shoes can also help wounds like blisters and shoe bites heal more easily while also providing relief from pain in cases like stone bruise.


Use Ice

Ice can help relieve pain in a lot of foot conditions, including blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs.


Over the Counter medication

In case of pain, one can take pain-relieving medication available at the pharmacy to provide a temporary relief.

Anti-fungal and anti-septic creams or ointments can also help heal shoe bites or athlete’s foot.


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