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Ayurvedic treatment of gastritis

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Gastritis

Ayurvedic treatment of gastritis

Well, If you are looking for Ayurvedic Treatment of Gastritis and Ayurvedic medicines of Gastritis then you are at right place. Here you will get to know all about Ayurvedic treatment of gastritis with its pathyas and apathyas.

Pathya (Do’s):

Below things you need to do in ayurvedic treatment of gastritis.

• Yogasana: Vajrasana, halasana, surya namaskar, Pawanmuktasana.

•. Should eat before the feeling of fullness. It is advised that if stomach is divided into 3 parts, one should eat only till 2/3rd is full.

• Avoid alcohol and smoking

• Avoiding overcooked or stale food.

• Coconut water, pumpkin, gourd


Apathya (Don’t):


• Sleeping late at night OR awake throughout the night, sleeping through the day (increases ‘pitta’ in the body)

• Sleeping during day- just after the meals

• Excessive swimming

• Suppression of natural urges

• Spices, fried food

• Overeating

• Excessive use of salt or salty food

• Sugarcane products

• Anger, Anxiety

• Faulty measures in panchkarma (Ati yoga- excessive)

• Taking drugs for a longer period than the prescribed time (ayurvedic and allopathic- e.g. Pain killers such as NSAIDs)



1. Avipattikar Churna (for non-diabetic patients) (Twice a day) – ½ tsp with plain milk 20 minutes before meals.

2. Sutshekhar Ras (tab)

3. Kamdudha ras (tab) (mainly in Chronic gastritis)- this means patients having hyperacidity for more than a year or two, will benefit from this composition.

4. Mahatikta ghrita

5. Mulethi powder- 2/3 tsp two times with milk

6. Amlapittantak aloha – 250mg twice a day empty stomach

7. Amalaki rasayan- ½ tsp twice a day with milk


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Home Remedies: Ayurvedic Medicines of Asthma

1. Boiled water with coriander seeds (strained)

2. Aniseeds (saunf) powder boiled in water for at least 20 minutes. Then store and drink throughout the day

3. Aniseed powder mixed with sugar in 1 glass of water- twice daily.

4. Take equal parts of powders of saunf, ajwain, jeera (cumin seeds)in the ratio of 1:1:1, and a little amount of Himalayan black salt( kala namak) and asafoetida (hing) –take ½ tsp twice a day 30 minutes before meals.

Research behind this article:

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Dr. Niharika

BAMS, NDDY (India)
MPH, DDQAPM (Sydney, Australia)


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