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Ayurvedic treatment for Asthma

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Ayurvedic treatment for Asthma

The Ayurveda can treat and prevent future attacks of asthma in many people. It uses herbal medicines which are plant-based that have been found effective without causing any significant side effects when used appropriately. You will get to know about Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma and Ayurvedic medicines for Asthma in this article.


Ayurvedic treatment for asthma


It also provides you a list of Do’s called Pathya and a list of Don’ts called Apathya.


Pathya for asthma:

Things to follow

• Yoga especially pranayama

• Household ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, bitter gourd (known as ‘karela’)

• Pure honey- except for diabetic patients.


Apathya for asthma:

Things to avoid in Ayurvedic treatment for Asthma.

• Dust, smoke, etc.

• Excessive exercising/ overexertion.

• Strong odors from paint, cooking, perfumes, etc.

• Food which is cold or dry in nature (curd, dry fruits, etc) and frozen /refrigerated food.


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Independent medicinal herbs: These have anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, immunomodulatory, bronchodilator qualities. (1), (3), (4)

1. Yashtimadhu (commonly known as Mulethi) powder – with honey or independently if taken as raw.

2. Tulasi – also available as ‘tulasiras’ or ‘tulasipanchang’- 2 tsp in half cup warm water 3-4 times a day

3. Vasa (adhatodavasica- anti-tussive, expectorant)– Available as churna (use with honey )or ras

4. Amla (avoid if asthma associated with cough)

5. Saunth (dried ginger)


Other drugs:

Here’s the other drugs for Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma.

1. Shwas-kutharRas

2. Mahalakshmi Vilas Ras

3. LavangadiVati

4. Vasaadikwath

5. Vasa avleha– acts as anti-tussive, expectorant 2

6. VardhmanPippali

7. Shirishadi compound – nasal spray

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Dr. Niharika

BAMS, NDDY (India)
MPH, DDQAPM (Sydney, Australia)


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