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Baby is coming, are you ready?

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Newborn Essentials:

A newborn essentials list is beneficial for parents, especially for 1st-time parents. It just helps you to organize and prepare yourself better before the baby arrives.

Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby

Below are few essentials listed to make your life better among the chaos and hectic schedule.


Newborn Baby Essentials

Newborn Baby Essentials

Before buying clothes for your baby, remember that babies grow out of them fast. It is better to buy a size bigger for them or buy a few sets for each month.

Buying bigger size works better because there can be milk spitting accidents which spoil the clothes and may need repetitive changes. Having fewer clothes requires doing the laundry regularly.

• Buy sets of soft and comfortable onesies, opt for full-selves since its always better to keep the new-borns warm and snuggled up. Pair them up with soft lowers/pants.

• Swaddles: Muslin or knitted (choose according to the weather). Proper swaddling (not too tight or loose) ensures a better growth and sleep pattern in babies; of course, it’s a proven fact!

Burp cloths are a must to avoid spoiling your clothes and going through repetitive changing sessions (Time management alert !). Use soft face cloth or muslin cloth to wipe baby’s face after every fed.

Footed Sleeper Onesies: are the best for nightwear. Make sure you go for snap ups which are placed along the diaper region for easy opening and changing of diapers. Zip ups and one-sided snap ups are a major fail because you have undress the baby entirely to change the diaper.

Newborn Baby Clothes

Newborn Baby Clothes

Socks: Buy 6-10 pairs, remember babies will grow out of them fast.

Booties and mittens (around 3-4 months you can go for teething mittens), c

Caps: It is essential to cover the head of the baby to avoid getting cold.



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Baby Diapers

Baby Diapers

• Get Newborn Diapers (Pampers are the best)

• Cloth diapers (use muslin ones with velcro/ snap ups/string tie-up). They are best to give your babies bottom some rest from the diapers and avoid rashes.

• Diaper disposable bags

• Cold-pressed coconut oil for monitoring the diaper area

• Squared cotton pads (Chicco and mother care both have amazing ones for around ₹1000 for a pack of 3 ): Try getting them in bulk as you get better deals and end up saving a lot. Alternative for cotton pads are sterilized cotton rolls ($15-19 or ₹98-150). Just spread them out,cut them in your desired thickness, size, and shape, and store them in a clean box/container.

cotton pads scaled

• Simple plain water, cotton pads, and a tiny bit of coconut oil for moisturizing, these three ingredients will help you keep your baby’s bum in the healthiest and rash free zone. You can try a few of the water wipes available in the market (99.9 % water), but why not go for 100 % water, which is free.

• Rash creams: Go for an ointment that has a combination of a steroid, antibiotic, and antifungal. The steroid (Beclometasone) will help by blocking the production of certain chemical messengers (prostaglandins) that make the skin red, swollen, and itchy. Then the antibiotic (Neomycin) helps by stopping the growth of bacteria while (Clotrimazole) an antifungal stops the growth of fungi on the skin. Always consult your doctor before using it.

• Use barrier ointments (Desitin,Balmex, A+B, Equate baby, Boudreaux’s, triple paste, or Burt’s Bee),which have zinc oxide. It serves as a protective layer on the skin, helping to soothe and relieve rash discomfort, providing relief from the first use. It protects chafed skin due to rash and helps seal out wetness.

• Get dry sheets. They are useful to spread underneath the baby while changing the diaper or massaging. They absorb well in case of any accidents and avoid getting things soiled and messy.

• Diaper travel bags

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Bath and Accessories

Baby bath and accessories

• You may buy a bathing chair or tubs with cushion support.

• Small mug/ shower cup.

• Multiple wash clothes

• Mild fragrance-free shampoo (Sebamed, Aveeno, Puracy, or Mustela). Mustela is really good for cradle cap.

• Mild fragrance-free body wash (Sebamed, Aveeno, Puracy, or Cetaphil).

• Hooded towels

• Mild fragrance-free body lotion or cream (Cetaphil, Burt bee’s, or Aveeno).


• Get a good hair oil (almond oil is an excellent option).

baby massage oil

• Use a cold-pressed organic oil for body massage. Massages are good as long as you are interacting with your baby and make them do little arm and leg stretches. They calm your baby, moisture, and the interactive session helps them bond with you better.

• Buy a massage mat/sheet

• Muslin cloth to wipe up the extra oil


newborn baby bed

baby bedding

• Baby nest/ bassinet.

• Crib and a comfortable waterproof mattress

• Fitted sheets

• Baby blankets

• Pillows (mustard seeds ones are the best to avoid flat heads)

• Pacifiers

• You may buy a soother- They generate vibrations under the mattress and play soft white noise music to calm and relax the baby.

• Sleep sacks- They prevent the baby from rolling or sleeping on his tummy

• Blackout curtains

• Baby monitor

• White noise/ lullaby music player

• Rocking chair or swing

• Soft baby toys or lovey blankie- There is nothing as comforting as a lovey blankie for a baby, especially when it smells like their mother (snuggle in with the lovey before giving it to the baby).

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newborn baby bottle

• Glass bottles (Dr. Brown’s, Philips Avent, TommeeTippee, or Como Tomo). Try choosing one which resembles the breast and has an anti-colic system.

• Choose the try size of the nipple/teat to avoid choking, overfeeding, and colic/gas.

• Cleaning brush, which has a combination of soft bristles and a sponge at the end.

• Nipple/teat tiny bristle cleaning brush

• Mild fragrance-free cleaning liquid (Pigeon, MeeMee, Puracy or Medela)

• Drying Rack

• Sterilization system (Philips Avent)

• Sterilizing tablets (pigeon or Ef-Chlor), microwave steam bags, or sanitizer sprays (whatever works best for you).

• Bottle warmer- These are helpful when you are travelling.

• Thawing machine- To thaw the stored breast milk


• Mild fragrance-free baby detergent (Chicco, MeeMee, Himalaya or Puracy)

• Mild fragrance-free baby cloth softener (Himalaya or Chicco).

• Use a small amount of antiseptic liquids (Dettol) in diluted form.

• Drying rack or ropes


baby milk bottle with breast pump

If you are breastfeeding

• Breast pumps

• Nursing pillow

• Nipple pads– to prevent leaking

• Nipple cream – to prevent cracks

• Breast milk storage bags

• Nursing bras

If you are choosing formula milk

• Formula milk- Choose the right one for your baby. There are multiple options available. Different ones are available for pre-term, underweight, and the age of the baby. Try getting a one with all the right nutrients like DHA omega-3, arachidonic acid (ARA), and the necessary vitamins and mineral-like iron; it should be FDA approved.

• There are various types of formula milk; Liquid, powdered and ready-to-use types; choose according to your convenience (Nan Pro, Nan excella Pro, Enfamil or Similac).

• Formula dispenser

• Nursing pillow

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Toiletries and Few other Essentials

• Baby comb and hairbrush

• Finger brush- It is suitable for cleaning the gums and the tongue in newborns and infants who have no teeth.

• Baby nail clippers

• Earbuds

• Thermometer

• Alcohol swabs (for umbilical cord)

• Nasal saline drops

• Car seat (keep it rear-facing for infant)

• Baby stroller (convertibles ones are the best: Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger, Baby Jogger City Mini GT, Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller and Diono)


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